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We are a Product Strategy and User Experience design company that enables and empowers innovation. With our immersive design approach, we own your vision and become your extended team.
Things we do
Research & Review
A better experience is a result of better understanding of users. We immerse ourselves in their world, empathise with them to understand their expectations.
Product Strategy
We define a vision for the customer experience by aligning the design activities with user expectations to create beautiful experiences leading to product success.
UX/UI Design
Those expectations into storyboards, wireframes and then into aesthetically rich interfaces. User Expectation-driven Experience & Interface Designs lead to design success.
We love to share what we do. We can help you find out how principles of design and design thinking can significantly transform the dynamics of a product/service.
Some of our Work
We are designing the complete digital experience of this product from UnoCareer which is an Intelligent Marketplace for Talent, Employers and Institutes. We employed a collaborative approach that included multiple brainstorming sessions with the stakeholders. We coupled it up with Immersive User Research to identify usage patterns to nail down the flows and conceptualise the design.
EdgeFX builds electronic kits that are fun and Edutaining. The Audience include students, educators and hobbyists. The interesting challenge is that the user age groups range from the ages 8 to infinity with varied usage goals. From Packaging to Presentation, we are working on the design and strategy of the product and customer experience.
Who We worked with

Few words of appreciation
Sridhar Korkonda
Director - UnoCareer Services
Prabal Design brings a lot of enthusiasm along with expertise and experience in UX design to all their customer projects. They are methodical in their approach and work towards enhancing positive user experience, always ensuring they meet or exceed customer expectations. Glad that we’ve found our design partner, it’s a pleasure to work with them.
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