we are designers who are good at shaping product strategy.
And yes! we love to share our knowledge too.

We began our journey in the early part of 2017 and have since then worked with some exciting teams in building experiences that touched lives in a range of domains like Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Entertainment, IoT and Enterprise Management.

With boundless energy and enthusiasm, we come to work everyday to leave an impact with our capabilities in Product/UX Strategy, UX Research, UX/UI Design, Usability Testing and Design Review.

Our quality is defined by our work culture. It thrives on freedom of expression and transparency in execution. This gives us the luxury to stay young at heart and thought – always.

Why Prabal Design


The design process that thrives on pragmatics. At every stage, we ideate based on User expectations while balancing the aspects of implementation feasibility and business value.


The design is more about emotions than just functionality. Our approach towards design starts with stakeholder workshops where we put ourselves into their world with the help of product vision. We then juxtapose that vision with the expectations of the users to create experiences.


We are as passionate as you are while building an experience around your idea. This passion permeates into the standard of the designs we come up with.

Key people

Srinivas “Vasu” Chinta
Srinivas “Vasu” Chinta
CEO & Chief Designer
Navin Boyini
Navin Boyini
Vidya Chinta
Vidya Chinta
Director - Finance

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