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Our quest to respond to the emotional needs of the users has made us remain in touch with the humane side of the design. And this attitude helped us work with some wonderful teams across a variety of domains like – Healthcare, Education, Edutainment, Hospitality, Entertainment, Research, AI, IoT, Production Monitoring in Manufacturing, Big Data, Enterprise Planning & Management, Product Design and many more.
Jandhyala Foods
A jarful of emotion
Jandhyala, a traditional food products company, has maintained an empathetic relationship with its customer base for over two decades. As part of its future vision of venturing into new-age sales channels and digitised operations, Jandhyala aims to maintain the same equation with its customers.

We developed a comprehensive strategy and customer experience.
Intelligent ecosystem to manage production planning
Factorie is an intelligent IoT-driven ecosystem that enables production planning, bolsters 360° efficiency and calculates the financial viability of a project.

We strategised and designed the product.
Elevating the experience of commuters
eléva is a smart digital assistant designed to improve the overall experience of elevator users.

We researched, conceptualised and designed the device.

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