our approach to great design
The beauty of the process we follow is the element of its adaptability to the context. We understand your process and seamlessly fit ourselves into it without defeating the primary purpose of our design process.

Gather Requirements

Stakeholder Workshops

Understand the product vision, Identify the target audience, Get a hang of technology choice.

Get User's Pulse

User Research

Conduct research in a model that suits the case. Empathise with users and capture their goals/expectations, identify influencers and group them based on their usage patterns.

Understand Market

Competitor Analysis

Understand product feasibility when compared against the competition.


Juxtapose Data

Build Design Strategy

Use data from competitor Analysis, technical backdrop, user expectations and, accordingly, define Design roadmap.

Conceptual Model

Task & Information Flow

Define the tasks flows and storyboards, Create a seamless flow of Information and build Information Architecture

Visual Model

Define Communication Structure

Define tone, colour, type and style that suits the context and expectations


Create Drafts


Get the conceptual idea in place by creating wireframes, validate the design with stakeholders and focus groups

Put it all together

Visual Design

Create visual designs considering the emotions, expectations and context. Create style guides.

Create Prototypes

Click-though mocks

Create the experience with the help of click-through mocks to give a feel of the final outcome. Use this as a tool to validate and communicate with the dev teams.

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